The Government of the Czech Republic invites scholarships within the framework of its Foreign Development Assistance in support of the study of foreign nationals from developing countries at public institution of higher education in the Czech Republic in 2021

Host Country:

Czech Republic

Level and Course of Study:

  • Undergraduate, Master and PhD
  • All Subject

Scholarship Value:

  • Annual offer of 15 Scholarship intended to cover two-semester study visits (which can be divided into 30 one-semester stays ) to the Czech public Universities:
  • Annual offer of 60 one-month scholarship to pursue a language course;
  • Attendance of up to 20 teachers and/or future teacher from among the members of compatriot communities at two-week courses of the Czech language teaching methodology;
  • Admission of up to 3 high school students to study teaching methodology at an upper secondary school in the Czech Republic;
  • Funding the stays of up to 15 Czech language teachers with the compatriot communities in Argentina, Brazil, Croatia, Paraguay, Romania, Russia, Serbia, Ukraine and the USA;
  • support for communities taking part in the “Czech School without Borders” and similar projects


The Scholarships are offered to the citizens of the following countries:

  • Ethiopia
  • Georgia
  • Cambodia
  • Moldova
  • Ukraine
  • Zambia

The Scholarships are dedicated solely to promoting the studies of foreign nationals from developing third countries.

Neither a citizen of the Czech Republic, nor a citizen of the European Union, nor any other foreign national with a permanent residence permit in the territory of the Czech Republic may, therefore, apply for a scholarship.

These so-called Government Scholarships are designed to cover the standard length of study:

  • In follow-up Master study progammes plus a one year long preparatory course of the Czech Language (which is combined with other field-specific training).Government scholarship of this category are awarded to graduates of Bachelor’s degree progammes. They can enroll only in study programmes from the selected areas of study in which instruction is given in the Czech language. Depending on the subject area, applicants are normally required to sit entrance examinations at the University concerned. Successful passing of entrance examinations constitutes a precondition for a scholarship award;
  • in Follow-up Master study programmes or Doctoral study programmes. Government scholarship of this category are awarded to graduates from Bachelor or Master study programmes, respectively, who enrol in study programmes with instruction in the English language

Deadline: September 30, 2020

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