The idea of applying to scholarships can be overwhelming for students and parents alike. Many people have a range of misconceptions about how the scholarship and how it works. Some feel it an impossible task because of their grade or country of origin. Others really think since it an online thing that it can or may be scam. Here are some things to look at for

  1. Certificates not ready: Many feel they are not ready to apply for scholarship simply because they are still at school. Many Scholarship takes long duration of application , so its possible to apply for scholarship while still wait for your certificate to be ready so far you know that you may get your Certificate ready before the end of the Scholarship
  2. Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). FAFSA is the official form that families must use to apply for federal financial aid to pay for college. It is also used by many states and individual colleges and universities in making their financial aid decisions. Many people believe that since they are poor the only option for them to enter college is to apply for scholarship. it is not always true. FAFSA helps student get scholarship easily and its for everyone who needs scholarship. All Schools accept. You can apply for FAFSA here FAFSA and it help student to also get Federal student loans
  3. Scams. There are many site out on the web that are scholarship scam. No Scholarship will ask for your social security number or ask you to make any kind of payment. All Scholarship are free to apply. Protect yourself as you browse online by avoiding any websites or applications that seem too good to be true.
  4. Scholarships Do Not Always Transfer. Before apply for a scholarship check well to know whether you can stay from the beginning to the end in the school. Many Scholarship when awarded, do not allow transferring of students from one institution to another.
  5. Lengthy Essay writing: Many Scholarship don’t require essay writing. but if you are applying for a scholarship that requires essay, pay attention on the requirements or the essay guidelines. Here are some good Scholarship essay
  6. Scholarship Availability : Scholarships are not available to all student because some requires that you meet a certain grade point average while some requires that you meet certain financial guidelines. it so important you read the Scholarship values and and eligibility before applying.
  7. Fully Funded or Partially Funded: Scholarships are sponsored by government, college or private individual. Some are fully funded because the government want to do their civil duties to empower many in a particular field or different field so that they will be productive to that country. Many of the fully funded are from the government and it will require excellent grade and good essay. Partially funded are few from college or individual.
  8. International Student: if you want to apply for a scholarship check whether it requires international student and also check whether your country is listed. Applying fort a scholarship with a excellent grade but the host country or host institution does not list your country in targeted country your application will be denied


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