Photography is a good career, according to Statistics in 2019, the media industry was worth over 678 billion U.S. dollars in 2018 and it is expected to cross 700 billion dollars worth only in the US this 2020. This statistics is only for USA; Just imagine the Worth world wide. A photography visit or travel around the world

There are very good photography schools in the United States, Canada, France, England, Germany, Italy, Switzerland, Amsterdam, Australia, Japan, India and even so many countries around the world. Your choice of which to attend depends on the conditions favorable to you.

We have so many types of photography and for you to make money on photography, you must have the passion for a particular type of photography for you to get money from it
They are:

  • Architectural Photography
  • film set Photography
  • food Photography
  • Wedding Photography
  • Fashion Photography
  • Corporate Photography
  • Wildlife Photography
  • Portrait Photography

Best Photography Schools in the World with Scholarship

New York Institute of Photography, New York, USA

This institution is one of the best and popular Photography school which is located in New York , USA. The school was created for people who have a dreams to purse Photography. The School offers online courses and there are no degree options but there is always an industry-based accredited certificate. The courses are designed in such a way as to help the student fully master the art of photography professionally and expertly too.The school is duly licensed by the New York State Education Department. and accredited by the Distance Education Accrediting Commission (DEAC).
The school offers many Courses click here to view
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California Institute of the Arts (CalArts), USA

This school is a photography and general fine arts school which is one of the best around the world. CalArts offer degrees both in Bachelor of fine Arts(BFA) and Master of Fine Arts(MFA).The infrastructural facilities at CalArts is top notch which is why the excellence in professionalism in fine arts the school offers cannot be overstated.
CalArts offers different programs:

  • Full-Time Undergraduate (BFA & Certificate)
  • Graduate (MFA & Advanced Certificate)
  • Doctoral (DMA) programs
  • MA Aesthetics and Politics program

California Institute of the Arts Domestic Students Scholarships

  • CalArts International: it is a Scholarship that is awarded to students based on need and merit in consultation with academic Deans and faculty

  • Endowed & Annually Funded Scholarships: The selection criteria for scholarships in this category changes almost every year. Despite the changes, students do not usually apply for it, the university selects those to be awarded
  • Federal Pell Grant: Federal Pell Grant is awarded only to undergraduate students who display exceptional financial need and have not earned a bachelor’s, graduate, or professional degree.
  • Federal Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grant (SEOG): This scholarship grant is awarded specifically to only students with obvious financial needs.
  • Cal Grant: This scholarship grant is awarded to only residents of the state of California and it has several requirements including also a certain compulsory minimum GPA.

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California Institute of the Arts International Students Scholarships

  • CalArts Institutional
  • Endowed & Annually Funded Scholarships
  • Numerous Private Scholarships

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Pasons School of Design, Uew York, USA

This school is one of the best in photography in the world. The School has excellent in the field of design and arts

It was founded in 1896 and offers a bachelor degree in fine Arts (BFA) and Master of Fine Arts(MFA).

The School teaches both analog and other forms of Photography. Their aim is to use interactive learning techniques to enhance the student’s ability

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Parsons School of Design Scholarships

  • New York State Awards at Parsons
  • External Scholarships at Parsons

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Yale University School of Art, New Haven Connecticut, United States

This School is a photography School and one of the best in the world which accepts only ten students annually in her photography class, so in order to get admission you must be the best because it so competitive.

The program and degree is completed under two years. if you want to get a border knowledge in photography after getting a degree in Fine Art (BFA), Yale is the best place

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Goldmiths University of London , United Kingdom.

Goldsmiths is a Photography school and one the best. it offers two MA programs in photography

  • The image and electronic Arts MA program
  • Photography & Urban Cultures MA program.

All the courses available in the school expose the students to efficiency in the usage of their natural skills and acquired skills like creative visualization and smart handling of electronic photographic instruments, animation, web designing etc. The school operates both online and traditionally.

Goldsmiths University of London International Students Scholarships

  • Goldsmiths International Scholarships (There several scholarship awards under this)
  • International Response Scholarships
  • Commonwealth Scholarship Commission (CSC) Shared Scholarship Scheme
  • Commonwealth Masters Scholarship
  • Humanitarian Scholarships
  • Goldsmiths Excellence Fee Waiver

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Goldsmiths University of London Domestic Students Scholarships

  • Mature Students Scholarships
  • Access Programme Scholarships
  • Goldsmiths Masters Scholarships
  • Men into Primary Scholarships
  • PGCE Care Leavers Scholarships
  • Lewisham Borough Fee Waiver and New Cross Fire Bursary

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Sir J.J Institute of Applied Art, Mumbai, India

This Photography school is best known for excellence in Aesthetic Photography amidst its ability to excel marvelously in other fields.

It was founded in 1935 and offers a Bachelor of Arts in Applied Arts as well as a Master of Arts.

The courses offered in Bachelor’s degree are quite a generalist while those in the Master’s degree include: elective lines typography, illustrations, computer graphics and photography.

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Rhode Island School of Design

Rhode Island School of Design offer a four-year course in Bachelor of Fine Arts(BFA) and two-year program in Master of Fine Arts degree

The basic programs include: photography, printing, video and installation work.

The intimate class size is about 30 for graduate students and just 15 students for the undergraduate program.

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Rhode Island School of Design Scholarships

  • RISD scholarships
  • Special scholarships
  • Yellow Ribbon Program
  • Segal Americorps Match
  • Outside scholarships

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Columbia College Chicago

Columbia College is one of the best photography school in the world. The school teaches fashion photography, commercial photography, fine art photography, wildlife photography.

The college organizes for her students to complete internships with designers and merchandisers in order to learn the real-life and business part of the skill they are acquiring.The students are taught from the basics of photography until they can confidently work on intricate designs on their own.

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Columbia College Chicago Scholarships

  • Al Parker Excellence in Radio Scholarship
  • Albert P. Weisman Awar
  • Austin Strelau Memorial Scholarship
  • Bryan D. Sido Scholarship
  • Chicago STAR Scholarship
  • Columbia ChiArts Award
  • Columbia Rise Award
  • Columbia Scholar Award

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Kent State University

This School is located in Ohio in the United States and it is one of the best School of Photography and its the best ranked school of photojournalism in USA

Students who are interested in photography in Kent get a BFA from the prestigious school upon graduation.

The photography program in Kent State University is offered in such a way that liberal arts courses is balanced with hands-on digital photography.

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Kent State University Scholarships

The Scholarship can change from year to year
Click here to see the current scholarship in Kent State university

Ryerson University School of Image Arts

This school is the oldest film and digital photography school. it is located in downtown Toronto Canada.

They teach photography in both fine arts and business perspective . The school graduates excellent students every year who work in different fields varying from fine arts, to sports photography etc.

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Ryerson University School of Image Arts Scholarships

  • Terence Grier Entrance Scholarship
  • President’s Entrance Scholarships
  • BMO Financial Group Diversity Scholarships

You can access all the available scholarship by clicking here

Ontario College of Art and Design University

Ontario College of Art and Design (OCAD U) is one of the best photography in Canada and in the world. The school offers a BFA degree that focuses on a fine-art approach to photography rather than commercial, which is such a good opportunity for the students to unravel their innate creativity.

Ontario College of Art and Design University Scholarships

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Vancouver Institute of Media Arts

It is located in Vancouver, British Columbia and the unique thing about this school is that all the courses are taught by real, working photography professionals.

Student learns everything in photography in one year program. The year-long program is split into four terms starting with the basics of photography fundamentals which later advances to diversities of photography as well as rigorous business training which involves marketing strategies, social media and how to perfect your photography portfolio.

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Royal College of Art

Royal College of Art is known with a unique feature of assigning a personal tutor to every student right from their first year. it is listed in one of the best school of photography

The program is a two year course where a pass in an exam is required in order to continue to the second year.

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Royal College of Art Scholarships

Click here to see the available scholarship in Royal College of Art


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