A fully funded scholarship is a Scholarship which the college or organization that is awarding the scholarship is paying for all of your college expenses.it may include the costs of books, travel expenses, health insurance and some material for learning like computers pen and notebooks. Some may include work program for the student to earn extra cash in the form of job to cover personal expenses

Partial scholarships is a Scholarship that range from small, one-off payments to covering your whole tuition fees. They do not usually include any support for your living costs or your travel expenses. However some part scholarships may cover only living expenses and tuition fees may be paid by students themselves

Most of the Scholarship are based on intelligent and its the brilliant, get the scholarship. Many Countries in the world ranging from Asia Europe and even Africa offer scholarship to international student and it is also full funded or partially funded. Before apply for Scholarship, check if your the details of the Scholarship, to know whether you are eligible to Apply

Scholarship Sources

Scholarship are offered by

  • Schools
  • Governments
  • Organizations
  • Companies
  • Private donors

The reason for offering this scholarship will range from their social responsible to the people or to get the best students who are unable to fund their study

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