This Institute is one of the best Photography Institute that is located in New York, USA.

it was founded in 1910. The Industrial Revolution was in full swing and the world looked to science and technology to make life better at that time. American businesses led the way to better life with new products, new inventions, and opportunities for people seeking to learn new skills. Thus, 1920 was a natural time to start a school to teach the art and science of photography.

Distance Education
NYIP was first accredited for distance education when the National Home Study Council (NHSC) launched its accreditation program in 1956. The NHSC eventually changed its name to the Distance Education Accrediting Commission (DEAC). NYIP maintains its accreditation with DEAC and is also licensed by the New York State Education Department. In 1975, NYIP closed its residential school to focus on distance education.

Present Day
Today, every NYIP student still has a single, highly-skilled and dedicated Instructor to work with throughout their distance education course.
In addition to an assigned Instructor, every NYIP student also has access to a personal student advisor who helps explain to students the materials in their lessons, provides advice about finding and working with clients, and offers expert opinions on the newest photographic equipment and latest technology.

Photography Courses
Professional Photography Course
Fundamentals of Digital Photography
Portrait Photography Course
Photoshop for Photographers
Wedding Photography Course
Photojournalism Course
Travel Photography Course
Nature & Landscape Photography Course
Video Making Course
Business for Photographers
Graphic Design Course

Learn Photography Online
NYIP’s mission is to empower students to achieve their aspirations through flexible, convenient, affordable, and highly relevant education.
The New York Institute of Photography seeks to provide the highest level of distance education training in the art, technique, and business of photography using multi-media training materials developed by our staff and faculty, while providing a high level of service and support to every student.

Each student brings experience and talent to their program of study and NYIP principal objective is to help that student develop his/her photographic talents to the highest possible level. While students complete multiple choice comprehensive exams, assessment of photographs submitted by the student in each course’s project assignments is the key way that NYIP determine a student’s progress. In order to measure the student’s progress, each student is assigned to one professional photographer who will provide all the evaluations for the student allowing the teacher to develop a sense of the individual student’s progress.

NYIP also provides all students with the support needed to complete their program in photography. This is achieved by having student advisors who are available to students for any type of question relating to their studies or to any aspect of photography. Our advisors are all professional photographers and their feedback regarding student comments and concerns allows us to continually reevaluate our program.

NYIP also seeks to make photography more fun for all photographers. They provide free “how-to” content to all people interested in photography via its Website.

Finally, NYIP operate with the following values in mind:
Accountability – NYIP set measurable goals and are accountable to students, and to each other, for our actions, performance and results.
Integrity – NYIP operate with the utmost integrity, and treat both our colleagues and our students with dignity and respect.
Passion – NYIP believe in making a difference in people’s lives and helps all students, faculty and staff members realize their individual potential.
Teamwork – NYIP believe collaboration and communication among students, faculty, and staff are essential to achieving great outcomes for students and our company.
Excellence – NYIP strive to uphold high standards in programs, student experience, and support services, and are continually seeking ways to improve each of these areas.

Photography Course Pricing and Tuition
NYIP offers top-tier photography education for a fraction of the cost of traditional schools. We make photography courses that are affordable and accessible for students everywhere. Learning how to take better photos shouldn’t break the bank.

Two Payment Plans to Choose From:
Full Payment Plan – saves you money and gives you access to all your course materials right away
Monthly Payment Plan – pay as you go, get started for one low down payment, continue with monthly payments. You will get access to your materials after you have made your first payment.

Photography Certificate Program: How Does NYIP Training Work?

The NYIP Online Learning Center is a course delivery platform. As soon as you enroll, you will receive an email from the school with login information and a link to access your online photography course.
The NYIP Online Learning Center goes with you wherever you go. You never have to leave your course behind. You can access your course materials from any internet-connected device – computers, tablets, and smartphones.

Your online photography course includes video, audio, and text lessons that you can review at your own pace. At the end of each unit you will have to complete a project. That project is submitted to the school and evaluated by your mentor.
Throughout the course, you can also participate on the NYIP Student Forum. You will see a link to the forum in your online course.
When you complete your course, NYIP will send you an NYIP Graduate Certificate, perfect for framing and putting up in your home, studio, or office!
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NYIP call Number   800-583-1736.


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