Online learning simply means an education that takes place over the Internet. It is often referred to as “e– learning” among other terms. However, online learning is just one type of “distance learning. Online learning is one of the biggest and best changes that the education sector has experienced in a long time.

Instead of going to school, facing the stress and inconvenience, you can still learn in the comfort of your home and get the degree of your choice, including Bachelor,Master, PhD

There are so many online Learning like
2020 Global Online MBA Scholarships at University of London
Harvard University Free Online Courses 2020
New York Institute of Photography


  • You can gain same skills and knowledge from the comfort of you home
  • An online learning is cheaper and affordable
  • An online learning is flexible which means that you study in your own time-table
  • The flexibility of an online learning does not affect your daily life completely cos many of them are working while studying
  • it is faster to complete
  • it is same degree that is offered to traditional learning is offered to online learning

What is the difference between an online and the traditional degree certificate?

There is almost no difference between an online and traditional learning,one is gotten online and the other isn’t. 

People offered ask or think that the traditional learning certificate is more accepted in the world than online learning certificate. The two are accepted worldwide and they can take you to same places. The problem should be whether the certificate is obtained in a reputable accredited University

Are there any free online degrees?
Yes, there are several free online degrees for undergraduate studies, Master and Ph.D program
Such free online degrees are
Free Online Computer Courses with Printable Certificate
Free Online Masters Degree Courses with Printable Certificate
University of People
Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)
Curtis Institute of Music.

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